Tuesday 28 Mar 2023
Brantas Sdn Bhd (98527-M)

Tug and Barge / Offshore Transportation

Brantas Sdn Bhd (98527-M) has been serving the marine industry for over thirty 30 years and owns, charters and operates tugboats and barges for the transportation of various commodities ranging from construction equipment to bulk and liquid products for a wide range of customers. Brantas' diversified fleet enables it to operate along the oceans and waterways of Asia. Our force of tugs, boasting up to 4000 horsepower, consisting of conventional as well as push boat hull configurations, readily awaits your command.

The scope of our operations and the varied cargoes and types of towing we conduct require that we operate under certain guidelines and procedures.

In an effort to provide for the safety of our employees, the environment and equipment, we utilizes the Groups's Safety Management System in accordance with the International Safety Management Code. This program signifies our commitment to conducting our business in the safest and most professional manner possible.

The management, office staff and tug crews of Brantas are committed to providing excellent service to all of our customers.


Head Office


2-7-23 Harbour Trade Centre
Gat Lebuh Macallum,
10300 Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: +604-2626029
Fax: +604-2634430 / +604-2643025

Parent Company

Parent Company - KBH Capital
We are part of the KBH Group, which was established in 1970 with its first operations in Penang, Malaysia. This enables close cooperation with skilled and resourced partners within the KBH organisation.

Types of Vessels

The strength and flexibility of ours, create a significant competitive advantage for Brantas and for our customers. No matter what vessel type it is, there is one accurate description that is valid for all ships in our fleet: Performance.

Our People

Our People
As we continue to create waves in the industry with our expansionary plans, our momentum is propelled by a team of diverse individuals who embrace the commitment, mission and values of our company.